"I have known and worked with Mrs Judy Giddings for over 20 years. During the time that she was associated with our company, she was a key part of our management team. Judy was always focused on improving our workforce, and improving the opportunities that we offered to our co-workers. She was an ultimate Human Resource professional and cared for our co-workers as if they were part of her family. Judy successfully guided our HR program for about 20 years and was sorely missed when she chose to leave to pursue other opportunities. Strategic HR partners is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and committed HR professional as a part of their team."

George G. Boyd, Sr.
President GFMCO, LLC

“I have known Charlie from the perspective of a service provider to his organizations when he was head of Human Resources at O’Cedar Brands and at Fujitec. The capabilities we were hired into, involved taking a business from a public entity to a private entity when I worked with Cooper’s and Lybrand. We also handled highly sensitive individual human resource issues including RIF’s (Lee Hecht Harrison). Charlie has strong knowledge of his field and builds strong business relationships with senior management team members. He knows what his expertise and capabilities are and understands when to utilize others with key expertise. His top qualities are personality, HR expertise, and high integrity.”

Jennifer Schaefer
Former Sr. V.P. for Drake Beam Morin, Lee Hecht Harrison and Account Executive with Cooper’s and Lybrand
(Worked doing salaried out-placement at Kroger Company, Fujitec America an d O’Cedar Brands. Lead IPO effort for O’Cedar Brands.)

“Charlie profoundly believes the key to driving business performance which leads to growth is through recruiting, developing, engaging and retaining exceptional talent. He skillfully advises client companies in the strategic development and implementation of human resources systems designed to achieve organizational and individual excellence.

Charlie is also a gifted coach who helps individuals identify their strengths and the positive contributions they can make to others and to their organization. He truly believes in people and helps them vision themselves successfully.

For any organization who believes the lifeblood of their business is the collective talent of employees who are fully capable and engaged in recruiting and retaining delighted customers, I whole-heartedly recommend Charlie Little.”

Barb Adams, SPHR
Human Resource Manager Dowreichold Specialty Latex
(Met in transition at a job search focus group in Cincinnati, Ohio)

“Charlie Little is the best all-around HR professional I’ve ever done business with in my 30+ year career. He can lead it all while creating a fun environment for the whole organization. Benefits, hiring, executive coaching, employee handbooks, succession planning, senior management staffing and organizational development are all areas of expertise. If you are already a union shop or if you don’t want to become a union shop, then Charlie is the person you need to consult.”

John Hazlin
Former Sr. V.P. of Marketing for OCEDAR Brands, Inc.

“I have known Charlie for a number of years and have worked with him as a hiring manager. Charlie is a GREAT HR person to deal with from a recruiting viewpoint. He is extremely straight forward, blunt, honest and keeps you informed throughout the hiring process. Charlie has trained a number of good HR people who I also know and have worked with over the years. He taught them well!! It has been a pleasure working with a getting to know Charlie. He is also a HUGE Gamecock fan!!! and that is a very good thing!”

Christine Ramsay
Executive Recruiter

“I got to know Charlie when he joined the staff of Kroger’s Grocery Products Division as manager of Human Resources at the Pontiac plant in Columbia, South Carolina. At that time, Grocery Products was in turmoil following Kroger’s financial restructuring and attempted sale of its manufacturing assets.

Instead of being a functionary and constrained by the inertia of a large corporate organization, Charlie initiated new ways to improve the operations. He spearheaded a highly successful safety program and introduced Total Quality Management. His enthusiasm and drive successfully convinced a skeptical management team that they needed to change their style, invest in training for all 2000 associates, and embrace the TQM process.

Charlie is undoubtedly the most influential HR manager I ever encountered during my career.

Robert Weber, Retired Controller
Grocery Products Division, The Kroger Co.

“From a professional perspective, I have witnessed Charlie’s ability to lead, mentor, teach and motivate associates from the board room to hourly new hires. An example of his abilities – walking into the very late stages of a Teamsters organizing effort in Ohio, Charlie turned around what was a slam dunk for the teamsters, to organize +500 associates, into a +87% Pro-Management vote in 90-days.

On a personal basis, I am proud to have him as my friend.

Barry Vickers
Former Sr. V.P. of Operations for O-Cedar Brands, Inc.

“Charlie is very passionate about his work! He takes great pride in his work and the people he serves. He leads with the utmost integrity and ethical standards. He is a professional in the field of Human Resources with the designation of SPHR. He always made sure I learned something new each day when I was working with him! In addition to being a great manager, he also makes sure you laugh along the way! Because of our SHRM involvement, Charlie and I were able to reconnect last year at a conference and it is great to know he is there to answer my questions when I need him! Thanks Charlie!!”

Julie Armstrong
Former HR Generalist at O-Cedar Brands, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie Little at O-Cedar Brands in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was Chairman, President and CEO of the company, and I Hired Charlie as our Vice President of Human Resources. It was a turnaround situation, so I needed talented people who could think on their feet and make quick, but measured decisions on the business. Charlie did not disappoint me.

The key accomplishments that Charlie engineered included the following:

1. We successfully defeated a Teamsters organizing campaign over a difficult eighteen-month period of time. Charlie was instrumental in hiring outside experts to help convince our employees that they did not need a union. His energy and positive attitude helped turn the cause in our favor.

2.  Charlie initiated a performance review and succession management process at O-Cedar. The program established clear job descriptions, performance standards, career training and coaching that ultimately improved retention in the company. The organization became more results driven and the quality of our employees increased substantially.

3.  Charlie also took it upon himself to improve the overall benefits provided to our employees. He hired Willis and Caroon in Columbus, Ohio to assist in the effort. Together they created a better package for our employees at a lower cost to the corporation.

4.  Charlie was a tireless promoter of our company, with an upbeat personality that engaged the interest of the top quality candidates to join the O-Cedar team.

5.  Finally, Charlie was well respected by both our office employees and our plant personnel. He could be tough when necessary, but fair with employees at all times.

I have a great deal of respect for Charlie and know that any endeavor he undertakes will be done with a lot of forethought and well executed with his spirited energy and professionalism”

Michael J. Paxton
Chairman, Transport Corporation of America, Inc.

“Charles Little! The man who changed my career and my life… One would think that quality and process improvement training from organizations such as Johnson and Johnson and Merck combined with an MBA is all you need to be a successful change agent, project manager and operations improvement specialist….. Think again!

I struggled personally and professionally to overcome employee and “C Suite” complacency with respect to needed change and operational improvement efforts due to various client’s employees and/or leadership’s feeling of security with their current state, often while unaware of looming potential dangers, and defects in their operations. However, the biggest challenge was the navigating behaviors of self-satisfaction and even smug satisfaction with existing situations and conditions that typically lead to the overall resistance to change. Subterfuge from employees and weak leaders frequently paralyzed the best practice improvement initiatives.

I was fortunate to meet Charlie Little during the peak of my frustrations. Charlie was quick to identify that I neglected the most important process..... The “People Process”! The HR process is the hub of any change or improvement effort. Charlie helped me develop the appropriate approaches to holding all levels of the organization (including administration) accountable for the execution and sustainment of change efforts.

I highly recommend that every executive reach out to Charlie before attempting to improve labor and productivity metrics, operational performance improvement or other organizational or structure changes.”

John Cicero Former General Manager for Pharmco, Inc., in Tampa, FL.
(Worked with Charlie when he was VP & Chief People Officer for Pharmco, Inc.)

“All businesses want positive workplace and strong employee loyalty while also complying with state and federal employment laws and ensuring policies and procedures. As a nonprofit organization, United Way does not have in-house personnel experts. However, becoming a member of Strategic HR Partners has provided us with very affordable services and they are always just a phone call away.”

Scott Ferguson
President and CEO
United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley

“You have already earned the membership fee we paid you by giving us critical advice on how to complete the new EEO-1 report and its associated documentation.”

Marybeth Hopkins, PHR
Past President of Columbus, Georgia SHRM Chapter
VP of Administration for Alexander Electric Company

“My sincere thanks for including me in the Excellence Series Program. What a treat-Margaret Morford was awesome and very inspiring. You should be proud of the quality programs you are offering HR professionals.”

Susan Miller
Director of The Cunningham Sales Institute at Columbus State University

“Strategic HR Partners has definitely filled a need in our community. Having certified Human Resource professionals on call to answer questions based on expertise and ‘hands on experience’ has been a ‘God send’ to my company.

Our Affirmative Action Program that they created and the training that we received was invaluable. We are in the process of using their expertise to set up a formal performance appraisal and compensation program.

I recommend membership in Strategic HR Partners to any company that wants to have the best when it comes to Human Resources products and services.”

George E. ‘Tripp’ Wade, III
President and CEO
Wade Linen Service and Wade Cleaners

“In March of this year (2008), I was given the major task of creating from scratch a complete HR manual and SOP binder for our new company. We were taking over the management of five hotels and I had only 90 days to complete the project.

As luck would have it, a friend shared with me the name of Charlie Little and Strategic HR Partners. I met with Charlie and his team and within moments knew that I made a great operations decision (my first one).

As the day turned into weeks, the project took shape and the task was completed to my eternal gratitude and totally exceeded my expectations. All changes were made as many documents crossed my desk. Each thought was discussed and the best procedure was adopted. The SHRP team allowed me to complete my many other operational tasks and virtually completed their work without the need of daily rewrites.

I fully recommend this company for all your HR needs. As we grow, we have used SHRP for everything from legal guidance to added forms and procedures. The cost structures are fair and the wisdom issued has exceeded my expectations.”

Thomas H. Rayside
Peachtree Hotel Group

“Charlie has served as a career coach and mentor since I moved to Columbus. He has helped me make some critical decisions about my career path in an insightful and engaging way. His expertise and connections provide a vast wealth of resources to draw upon. Most importantly, he cares about his clients and their success. I would recommend Charlie and SHRP to anyone or any business looking for HR expertise and support.”

Ian Watson COO for Sumitt Hospital
(Hired Charlie as a Career Coach numerous times)

Quote from our Labor Law Update in 2007

“In one word it was FABULOUS! Maybe the BEST Labor Law workshop I have ever attended.”

Jan Anderson Smith, PHR

Jan Anderson Smith, Ed.S.